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have krystal ball and steve we're going to show this thing that gawker put together. mitt romney depating mitt romney. >> i will not reduce the taxes patd by high income americans. >> there were so many misrepresentations there it's going to take me a little while. i said today we're going to cut taxes across every one. >> and the key to great schools, great teachers. so i reject the idea that i don't believe in great teachers or more teachers. >> he says we need more fireman, more teachers, did he not get the message in wisconsin? the american people did. >> brilliant. >> and it goes on from there. this is what we're watching. the surprise here is that it's come so late. we all had the sense that the etch a sketch move would be sooner. this has been pretty quick. >> i was waiting for the obama campaign to put out a video something like this after the debate. i'm glad someone took the initiative to do it. i think the reason he's waited so long is frankly he's been terrified of his own base. it's shocking to see how long and how far he's played to the base and i think finally they
would you really be as a president mitt romney. >> and steve, conservatives who seem in many cases to be obama haters first and conservatives second, they're having a good day looking at the polls, most of them tightening. pew has romney up at four points, so it has to be a big cheering point for the conservatives. >> it is. >> enough to keep them quiet. >> that's the thing. there's sort of a win-win situation for the conservatives if you think about it. if the polls are moving closer and they have a chance to win the election, obviously that's going to make them happy. they're going to get a mitt romney who's subservient to a republican congress. if they lose they've been setting this up for months, they'll say it's because mitt romney wasn't conservative enough. it's because he ran in the middle in the general election and they'll be in a position to make the party be more conservative going forward. they almost can't lose here. >> what is the obama team reaction to these polls? >> i think that they are going to keep it cool and calm. as we've seen in this race, there have been a
strategist and msnbc political analyst steve schmidt. up bright and early this morning. looking good. >> you look beautiful. >> we also have former treasury official and "morning joe" economic analyst, i still like financier better. >> i'm going to say financier. >> steve ratner. >> wait a minute. am i not beautiful? >> you're gorgeous. >> like a rainbow, as cyndi lauper would say. >> what did we talk about yesterday? and from the site of tonight's vice presidential debate in danville, kentucky, msnbc and "time" magazine senior editor mark halperin. >> godspeed. so mika, we've got 26 days left. until the election. is that a word? i saw it on the front of "sports illustrated." we have a passel of polls that are pounding us this morning. and this race is a toss-up. >> it is. >> in all the swing states. it's a toss-up in all the swing states. and we've got a debate coming up. and my gosh, there's so much political news. it only makes sense that we start with baseball. willie. >> no. no. >> unbelievable night last night. >> we could talk about lance armstrong. >> the 162nd day of the season last
cliff near, steve liesman sat down with lloyd blankfein, alan simpson and irs skin bowles. >> people won't understand how critical this time in history is. we have $7.7 trillion worth of economic events that will hit america in the gut in december. and in washington they're doing nothing about it. nothing abit. we should be asking these guys running for president and every guy running for congress what are you going to do? >> we're accepting the challenge to do something about the looming fiscal cliff, so this morning we will ask each of our guests about the stakes and consequences for action and inaction. blankfein predicts that there would an huge positive impact on the economy and the markets if a bipartisan compromise is reached. he says he would be a buyer of the market as a result. plus andrew has a great line of corporate leaders. >> thank you, becky. and did you a remarkable job last night. so congratulations on this. we're here a ron baron, marking the 30th anniversary of his company. and as he does every year, he's bringing together his investors and the company he invests in f
a former apple executive who worked closely with steve jobs will join our guest host carly fiorina to talk test success and lessions learned. >>> time for your "squawk box" history lesson. what year did "squawk box" debut? logon and like the facebook page. we're posting classic moments all week long, receive updates and post your comments about the show. "squawk box" on cnbc, and on facebook. numbers... ...and listening to your instinct. duff & phelps finds the sweet spot that powers sound decisions. duff & phelps financial advisory and investment banking services. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. between listening to the numbers... ...and listening to your instinct duff & phelps finds the sweet spot that powers sound decisions. duff & phelps financial advisory and inv
a drive-by shooting for people here. steve leisman today exclusive with ceo of goldman sachs, lloyd blankfe blankfein, as well as simpson and bowles and they're not a singing team. they are the duo behind of course what might have been a very sane fiscal plan for the country and they have a lot to say about that. as for braunstein, he was not directly involved in any way in the london whale trading. that did not report in to him. but you can imagine as cfo it is not the easiest of times to have been through, that the job is a very, very difficult one. he had been the preeminent banker for many years at jpmorgan and actually had been very happy in the cfo role. whether or not he's leaving in the next couple of quarters or not, if that is the case -- of course you do need to communicate that to your boss and figure out what you may want to do in the future so we'll see but i think that's become an extraordinary difficult job at any big bank, certainly one that's been under the scrutiny of jpmorgan. >> it feels like a purge. it feels like a purge. anyone who was involved with the whale
membership fees and brisk gas sales and yum skram brands raises earnings growth targets. >> steve ballmer's bonus, is this recognition the company's got more to do for the shareholders. >> the war between walmart and amazon continues to develop, now walmart offering same-day deliverly f ly for a flat fee o. >>> alcoa earned three cents a share for the third quarter compared to expectations of a break even quarter. alcoa lowered global aluminum forecasts citing a slowdown in china. cummines is cutting its sales in profit forecast, announcing plans to cut up to 1,500 jobs by the end of the year. so mishmosh of earnings data, some people may feel good about alcoa but it is what they say about the global economy, what they're seeing in the end markets and how did you interpret that? >> got to go case by case as klaus klein loves to detail case by case, a ceo finally been able to explain the real economier have sups tversus the aluminum company. you buy aerospace and autos in the u.s., ford is challenged by europe, gm is challenged by europe but autos are strong. construction up in the air, ac
't miss steve liesman sitting down with lloyd blankfein, alan simpson ande ersskin bowles live at 12:30 p.m. eastern. >>> in sports news, giants -- this started bad and got worse. beat the reds 8-3. the series is tied at two games each. supposedly i love fifth game or seventh game to decide the series. >> i figured last night was cutting it a little too close for you. >> every pitch, every foul ball. anyway, people are excited in new york about the yankees defeating the orioles 3-2 in extra innings. a couple of home runs in the ninth and the 12th. >> etwo games to one lead in th series. a bottom of ninth home run. and homered again in the 12th. first player to homer devices in a postseason game in which he didn't start. >> and he's 40 years old. >> wow. that's amazing, too. i i shaw some comments about pee rose about a-rod that he's never seen a-rod not run out a fly ball.i saw some comments about rose about a-rod that he's never seen a-rod not run out a fly ball. saw some comments about p rose about a-rod that he's never seen a-rod not run out a fly ball. pete always really hustled. he s
to great has nothing on "breaking bad." it's about a guy who wants to be the steve jobs of crystal meth, getting a better product, getting distribution, getting all in there. and i'm so happy to talk to bryan cranston. i went to see argo because i heard bryan cranston was in it. he plays cia officer jack o'donnell. welcome to "mad money." >> caller: jim, thank you so much for that introduction. that's fantastic. i saw the other night busy talking to a reporter and you caught my eye, hey, there's jim cramer. she prompted me back to a question sorry i didn't get a chance to say hello. >> i am honored you noticed me. i thought this movie, argo," very realistic. you spent time with the cia learning how to do this character best. >> well, it was interesting, because i went into langley, virginia, cia headquarters, thinking i was going to experience something completely different than i was familiar with, and what i came away with, yeah there, are similar aspects to it, namely, that you have to be so secretive and clandestine as we want in our spies. but they complained with bureaucracies the
>> brian: i'll buy one. >> gretchen: you wore yellow because you steal my pen. >> brian: steve wants to go contrast. if you have some time, i'll see you on "the five" later today. >> steve: larry sabato joins us tomorrow when we hope you do, too. see you then. bill: raucous crowd there this morning. fox news alert a surge in the polling puttings mitt romney on top in the race for the white house. "pew research poll"ing shows since the debate last week, mitt romney leaping ahead of president obama. what a swing that is, 49-45%. keep in mind that is likely voters too. you have to ask a few more questions to figure out whether you're registered voter or likely voter. likely voter polls are more accurate in the end. look who is back here. martha: hello, everybody. bill: celebrating columbus day. martha: i always do. thank goodness he discovered the country. good morning i'm martha maccallum. mitt romney ahead of the president but wiping out the double digit lead with women voters. you remember what that used to be. bill: republican nominee continues to press on this issue, that's t
to know what your thoughts are on dog resources. >> rethey have the -- let's go the steve in wisconsin. >> i'm interested in a again anywheric -- >> we like hot spirit. let's go to david in michigan. >> caller: hey, jim, i'm a big fan how are you doing? >> i'm good, how are you? >> caller: good. i want to see where navagold. i prefer the gld if you want to own cold. i felt that the company on p friday, on a same storm, i think they're a little aggressive. if gold really plummets, those people will stop drilling. be careful. let's go to bo in kentucky. >> caller: thanks for taking my call, i love your show. that's why i worry about it. let me add another thing e this is a company that people only buy on a takeover basis. i recommend them on a fundamental basis and i don't see any fundamental basis. let's go to greg. >> caller: how do you like crest core, they basically blew it. now they added this dif denlt and that's krisk but they were not as -- let's say they really made you feel great about the situation before hay should have. let's go to sam in missouri. >> caller: quick question,
and the best bakken. who can beat that? let's go to steve in wisconsin. steve? >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah too you from kenosha, wisconsin. >> sweet! what's up? >> caller: hey, i'm interested in hospira, hospira, the generic -- >> we like hospira. >> buy, buy, buy! >> thinking about that kind of company. let's go to david in michigan. david? >> caller: hey, jim, i'm a big fan. how you doing? >> all right. how about you? >> caller: good, good. i was just curious where you see going from here. taking a big hit. >> i regard it as one of the worst investments i've ever made. i do prefer the gld if you want to own gold. i have to tell you i felt that the company on friday, i think they're a little aggressive, frankly. i think they're a little aggressive there are things that can go wrong. if gold really plummets, those gold miners will stop drilling. they will stop getting gold. and what will happen is the company's earning treatment will dry up. be careful. let's go to bo in kentucky. bo? >> caller: hey, jim, thanks for taking the call. love your show. computer sciences. >> this is a company i don
that wants to be the steve jobs of crystal meth, but coming up with a better product, dealing with distribution, it is all in there, and that's why i am thrilled to be able to talk to brian cranstop who also stars in "argo" the iranian hostage crisis era spy movie that i just saw, and, by the way, it is fabulous, and i did go to see it because i hearted brian was in it. brian cranstop plays cia officer jack o'donnell. you saw him in the clip. mr. cranstop, welcome to "mad money". >> jim, thank you so much for that introduction. that's fantastic. i saw you the other night talking to a reporter, and you caught my eye, and i went, hey, there's jim cramer, and then she caught me back to a question, so i didn't get a chance to say hello. >> i'm honored that you noticed me. brian, i'm just thrilled to have you, and i thought that this movie that you were in, "argo" was very realistic. i understand that you spent time with the cia learning how to do this character best. >> well, it was interesting, because i went in to langley, virginia, cia headquarters thinking that i was going to
or that business. zynga too early to get into zynga. >> let's go to steve. steve-orino, you're up. >> caller: nice to meet you. >> how are you? >> caller: first off, i'd like to thank you for encouraging investors to manage their own money. if i can do it, anybody can do it. my question, to the t-mobile, psc deal. i would like to know, how will this affect the telecon industry? >> this is my theory on it. thank you about the kind words. i think t-mobile will merge with psc and bring it public and that will get it off telecon sheets. that's important. they don't want anything to do with t-mobile and that this is a way out. i don't think it will affect us so much. >>> ike in new york. >> caller: hey, jim. how are you? >> real good. how about you? >> caller: good, good, good. a big apple booyah to you. my question is about the comments shorting because of the taco bell competition. i find it difficult to compare the two. should i feel good about chipotle, go with yum? >> i like yum in the low 60s. i don't think it's taco bell that's causing problems at chipotle. it's a little expensive. business isn'
because this race is now so close. steve handelsman has the latest from danville. >> reporter: hi, doreen, thanks. danville, kentucky, there's more pressure on joe biden. a lot of democrats hoping he can get their campaign back on track. in danville, a college town that hosts tonight's debate, local voters say they'll tune in. >> i want ryan to be able to express what we want for our country. like romney did in the presidential debate. >> i think it will help obama if joe biden does well. >> reporter: with the debate hall at center call, paul ryan arrived, a 42-year-old republican whiz kid set to face a 69-year-old democratic debate veteran. >> joe biden's been on this stage before. this is my first time. but what he can't run from is president obama's indefensible record. >> reporter: the vice president sometimes hurts team obama with gaffes, with trademark bravado, that he won't dodge. >> looking forward to it. >> reporter: the stakes in danville look higher after last week's debate in denver. >> the reason is that mitt romney's developed significant momentum from his debate performance
detailed account of what happened in the attack that killed ambassador chris steve sense and there others. now the most significant takeaway officials say that there were no protests in front of the consulate before that attack which directly contradicts what u.s. ambassador susan rice said on "meet the press" three weeks ago. i want to bring in white house correspondent mike viqueira. take us through the timeline what we know for sure. >> it is as a fascinate story that will not go away for the administration. there is an implication and accusation coming from republicans ever since the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi exactly one month ago on september 11 that left four americans dead. implication is that the administration ignored signs that interest didn't do everything it could to protect the lives of ambassador steve sense and three other americans who perished in attack that day. the accusation is that they essentially lied to cover up the fact that terrorists were involved in order to keep their persona as tough on terrorism just two months out from an election. there were
to the bible of business, which is the steve jobs book by isaacson where he just slags intel. of course, intel -- apple would rather buy chips from its biggest competitor, samsung, than buy from intel. >> can you be a hater of the pc and everything related to pcs but still like microsoft? >> well, microsoft is inexpensive -- no, they're going to have a shortfall. everyone is saying they're going to have a shortfall. >> cutting estimates for the quarter. not standing up to what it was going to be. >> if it's in a pc, i prefer to buy general mills. >> what? >> i'm just giving you -- >> does yours run on cheerios? >> trying to give a complete nonsec which at your. >> what's amazing, the uniformity. there is not one positive data point in the last couple weeks to offset all the hp negative activity, intel negativity, all of the amd -- there is nothing -- >> shocking, no. that's why you've got to go back and say, listen, i want to be in another sector. >> yeah. >> this sector -- i would actually literally go to an improving bank over any tech, other than perhaps -- still some clout. >> while you're
behind the move. questioning, questioning. would steve jobs approve of the direction of the company? would he fire cook or is there a direction at all? this piece of apple real estate changed hands intraday with the bears in charge giving the stock decline. i smell a manchurian candidate. we don't know who will win but in politics the divide grows increasingly vicious and confusing. here's the bottom line. whether it's the employment numbers, the steepness of the 2013 fiscal terrain, magnitude of earnings short falls or the surprises. the state of china's fortunes and the bipolar mine field of apple everything seems to be on the line every day. this is more confused by the fog of war than any i can recall for a long time. nate in california. nate. >> caller: cramer the dog, what's going on? >> the usual. what's going on? >> caller: i want to talk ebay. >> let's chat ebay. >> caller: all right. i bought it a few months ago. we both liked the stock. you have mentioned it a few times. it's up a little bit from a few months ago but it's on a dip now. they just released the new groupones
move, would steve jobs approve with the direction of the company and would he fire cook or is there direction at all? this piece of apple real estate changed hands with the bears clearly in charge of the mind share given the decline. i smell manchurian candidate within the share base. we don't know who will win day to day in this trench warfare but we know just like in politics the divide seems to grow increasingly vicious and confusing to people. will it be the trajectory numbers or the terrain, or surprises, the state of china's fortunes and how that cookie crumbles. the heady or lethargic status of the animal spirits and minefield that is apple, everything seems to be on the line every single day which is why this particular moment is more confused by the fog of war than any i can recall for a very long time. to nate in california. >> caller: what is going on? >> nothing unusual. how about you. >> caller: let's talk ebay. >> let's chat ebay. >> caller: i bought it a few months ago, we both liked the stock, you mentioned that a few times. up and down, up a little bit a
it was a tie. steve handelsman talked to
dangerous place than it was four years ago. steve handelsman on capitol hill with more on romney's call for
and out of date. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >>> there's a new poll out that suggests mitt romney's strong debate performance last week has improved his standing in the presidential race. the pew research center shows romney leading president obama among likely voters by a margin of 49% to 45%. three weeks ago, that same poll gave president obama an 8-point lead. >>> today the united nations secretary-general said the violence in syria is threatening the stability of the region. activists say the civil war has claimed more than 30,000 lives since it began last year, and the violence has spread beyond the borders. syrian mortars have landed in turkey. for six straight days turkey has launched retaliatory strikes. and warned syria not to test his resolve. he said turkey is ready for war. >>> posters considered so controversial they might incite violence are now hanging in several metro stations. news4's jackie bensen is at the u street station with reactions from riders and from the woman who is behind this campaign. >> reporter: well, the judge ordered the posters to be installed b
. and now evidently steve forbes, a former presidential candidate tweeting his endorsement of jack welch. then against almost everybody else in this town, a former economist on here, jared bernstein, said jack welch ought to be ashamed of himself. a former republican white house official also endorsed the integrity of the people who put these numbers together at the bureau of labor statistics. so jack welch and a couple of other people on an island on this one. really an inflammatory attack with no evidence to back it up. >> mike viqueira at the white house, thanks so much. >>> for reaction to that i'm joined by susan page, "usa today" and david nakamura, "washington post." good day to both of you. this is fascinating. susan, first of all, how much does this employment number blunt mitt romney's debate momentum? and do you think the white house is going phew, relieved at this? >> if not popping champagne bottles. two-ways in which this number was so useful to the white house yesterday. it got the unemployment rate below 8% which has been kind of a line of demarkation. the romney folks ha
of california at the pump. >> let's talk about microsoft. microsoft ceo steve ballmer has signalled a new direction. he's pointing to hardware and online services as its future, taking a page from longtime rival apple. he suggests microsoft may eventually build its new phones. >> that's a big shift. >> it's a huge shift for them to get into real hardware. they did make one of the -- i don't know if it was the surface or -- one of the prototypes for their tablet is manufactured by them. and it may be ultimately that you need to actually do the software. >> the software gets stolen by china and all these other places. they don't pay for it. so i guess you eventually want to shift to where -- >> i think that's part of it. but i think part of sit the seamless nature of what you're seeing by apple, and on some level by google, now that google owns motorola. i don't know if you saw this as well on ballmer. his income was published and he took a slight pay cut. he went from -- >> he's worth a billion dollars. >> but he was paid $1.4 million last year, or two years ago and went down to $1.3. >> t
netflix a steve miller market. some people call me maurice, but this downgrade by bank of america -- >> i was doing the sound effects for maurice. >> i like that curious chainsaw you were doing. >> whatever i can do here. >> my wingman. >> your solid gold dancer. let's move on here to talk europe. german chancellor angela merkle visiting greece today for the first time since the european crisis began. she's meeting with greek prime minister this morning as protesters blame merkle for forcing painful cuts on greece in exchange for bailouts. meantime the imf is cutting the global forecast to 3.3% down from 3.5% and urging u.s. and european policymakers to deal with their fiscal issues or face a prolonged downturn. the imf is forecasting a contraction that underscores what we do already know and should be expecting out of the region. >> we are taking back one of the two rate hikes they had. there's not a single policy going on here. look what ireland was doing cramming down their banks. but if you can see, david, is there a single pro-growth initiative in europe that you have seen? >> no. >>
're working with steve burnett, who is the most incredible music producer on the planet. for me -- hayden has been -- she's recorded songs before. she has -- >> she has some pipes? >> that girl can sing. for me, it's been really much more -- i was much more rusty. but it's been so exciting. >> let's look at a clip, everybody. here's a little sneak peek of "nashville." >> have you met. >> i know you. you're burning stuff up out there. >> thank you. my momma was one of your biggest fans. she said she would listen to you while i was still in her belly. >> bless your little heart. that's a charming story. you need to go on soon. i'm sure you want to make sure you have your girls tucked in good. >> we have to run. great meeting you. you take care. great show. great show. >> you hear bless your little heart, that's a way of saying you're in trouble. >> i know you're a spokes penn for mds. and robin is kicking butt. >> i know. i've been touched by mds in my family. it's a rare but devastating disease. and for her to be a spokesperson for all the people touched by this disease is a wonderful thing. >
. >> william alexander, carry arrest coast, elliott schieffer and come by steve shine kin. the thing we see with young people's literature is more and more serious themes. so in every case you've got young people in danger, young people facing challenges. >> you could say this about any of the awards for the arts. but it's so subjective. how do you choose between five great books in every category. >> it's up to these judges to look at the books of highst quality. >> this is an ongoing scandal that won. >> you know, this show has -- this book as well as loaded. why do the criticings continue to -- is it just pure jealousy, david? buy they hate willie geist? >> david, how is knowing your value doing? >> knowing your value is a huge best seller. >> it's his book. nobel prize for literature this year. >> okay, david steinberger, i hope you want to come back someday. >> thanks for having me on. >> congratulations to all these authors. they have sweated blood for years. congratulations on what you've accomplished today. we're really proud of you. >> you can check out the full list of this year's
bored. how about the old ball coach, everybody? talking football. >> steve spurrier. >> holy cow! >> those gamecocks. >> south carolina, number three. >> the gators are back. >> west virginia guy. i don't know how they won at texas on saturday night. >> geno smith. >> love that guy. >> he only had four touchdown passes. it feels like a letdown from last week. >> by the way, that west virginia/texas game, one of the best college football games in a long time. what a shootout. >> mika agrees. >> exactly what you said. fantastic. >> all year. >> unbelievable. mike, thank you so much. >>> up next, harold ford jr. joins us for the "must-read opinion pages." we're back in just a moment. >>> okay. look at that pretty shot of d.c. welcome back to "morning joe" at 46 past the hour. joining us now for the "must-read opinion pages," msnbc political analyst and visiting professor at nyu, former democratic congressman, harold ford jr. >> the great harold ford. welcome to the show. >> thank you, sir. >> we have two for you guys this morning. the first is "the new york times," "it could be his
it into the average, romney's ahead. >> campaigns are about momentum and romney has the momentum now. steve colbert had it right. obama's lost momentum, romney's gained momentum. i think sadly for the nation and also mistakenly for the obama campaign, having lost momentum they're talking about big bird. i just don't get it. >> i think obama has to go into the next debate, certainly joe biden on thursday, they have to regain momentum. obviously the debate led to a change in the polls. think romney can change himself and argue toe-to-toe with the president, i want to see the president come back strong next time. >> do you think this puts more pressure on joe biden to ante up in a way that could compromise him in the debate? >> i do. but obama in presenting himself for the next couple weeks, but he's always stepped up to the pressure. >> i think the pressure on biden is mostly to prevent these sort of media narratives as we all know too well they take on a life of their own. and often in negative ways. three weeks ago it was for romney. now it's obama. i think biden's job is to sort of stop the bleedi
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